Intelligent Energy System Group

Actual members


  • Zhigen NIE, "Energy management for intelligent electric vehicles"


  • Majdi SAIDI, “Contrôle et optimisation d’un système hybride nomade à base de sources renouvelables pour la production énergétique”, Began in May 2017.

  • Chu WANG, “Data-driven prognostics for fuel cell systems”, Began in September 2019.

  • Jian ZUO, “Development of a Fuel Cell Prognosis Approach in the Context of a Local Energy Grid”, Began in September 2019.

  • Liang GUO, “Health and Energy managements for EVs”, begin in September 2020.

Graduate students

  • Rui MA, began in September 2020.

  • Jie SUN, began in September 2020.

Former members

    • Moustapha NIANE, “Fault diagnosis for fuel cells using partial model data-driven methods”, Defended in July 2013.

    • Taher MARZOUGUI, “Support Vector Machine and its application for fault diagnosis”, Defended in July 2013.

    • Nasr-eddine ELOBI, “Modeling solar energy potential using eclarement data”, Defended in July 2017.

    • Jiaqi ZHANG, “Design of a hybrid renewable energy system in consideration of its energy management”, Defended in September 2019.

    • Lin JIN, “Co-management of energy generation and load for a hybrid energy system”, Defended in September 2019.

    • Zihan ZHU, “Energy management strategy for fuel cell hybrid vehicles using deep reinforcement learning”, Began in October 2018.

    • Dongrui LYU, “Realizing robust fuel cell prognostic through online model learning”, Began in February 2019.

How to join us

If you are interested in exploring the edge-cutting subjects in-between AI, electrical engineering and automation, particularly our research topics, there are several ways to join us:

  1. Some PhD scholarships (from the sponsors such as ANR France, European Union, etc.) are timely available in our group. You can consult time-to-time the news I publish on this site.

  2. There are several types to finance PhD thesis in Aix-Marseille University. You can consult the following site for details: If you think some types match your situation, you can contact me to elaborate the application .

  3. For foreign students, there are some scholarships offered by CampusFrance: As the above case, if you find some matched scholarship, you are welcome to contact me to prepare the application together.

  4. For Chinese students who wish to apply CSC (China Scholarship Council) joint-training or full PhD programs, please contact me as soon as possible. Sometimes, I have PhD/Postdoc proposals within the CSC-Centrale program in this website:

  5. If you have other PhD finances...