Brief description of the research topics

Energy systems, such as fuel cell systems, micro-grids and electric vehicles, have posed research problems in the automatic control field. These systems present distributed nature, multi-domain and time varying, complex dynamics, multiple time and space scales. Modeling these systems using traditional analytical methods is almost impossible. This also challenges the existing automation theory and technology that generally work with well established models in specific forms. In order to overcome the difficulties, my research is devoted to data-driven learning and control and their applications in energy systems. Currently, a large amount of data is produced and stored during energy system operations. It would be very useful if the behaviors of the systems can be learned from the either historical or online data. In addition, data can also be processed to directly design the controller, predicting and evaluating system states, evaluating performance, performing real-time optimization .

In this sense, the data-driven methodologies in my research cover modeling, diagnosis, prognosis and control. Three specific systems are currently focused on: fuel cell systems, micro-grids, electric vehicles.

Key words:

  • Fuel cell systems: design, modeling, diagnosis, prognosis, and fault tolerance control

  • Fault diagnosis and prognosis methodologies

  • Energy storage: modeling and control

  • Design and control of power electronics

  • Control of converters interfacing renewable energy and electric grid

  • Energy management for micro-grids and hybrid electric vehicles

  • Artificial intelligence and advanced control methods and their applications in energy domain

Research projects

Ongoing project

    1. Started in 2021: CNRS Cellule Energie GIALE. Principal Investigator.

    2. Started in 2021: ANR JCJC project DEAL. Principal Investigator.

    3. Started in 2020: H2020 project VPP4Islands. Work Package co-leader.

    4. Started in 2019: "Du pronostic de la durée de vie de piles à combustibles au pronostic de systèmes énergétiques en réseau” IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes, Partner leader.

    5. Started in 2020: "Realizing fuel cell durability enhancement by self-cognizant multi-level control” Open Research Project in Chinese State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology (SKLICT), Principal Investigator.

Past projects

      1. 2016-2019: project European Commission: GIANTLEAP, Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells, Participant.

      2. 2014-2016: project ADEME: PRODIG, pronostic de Durée de Vie et Garantie de services de Systèmes piles à Combustible, Participant.

      3. 2011-2014: project ANR: DIAPASON 2, DIAgnostic de Pile à combustible Pour Applications automobiles et Stationaires sans instrumentatiON (2ème phase), Participant.

      4. 2017-2020: “Contrôle et optimisation d’un système hybride nomade à base de sources renouvelables pour la production énergétique” Thèse CIFRE. Participant and thesis advisor.

Equipment and Facilities

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